Monday, May 9, 2011

Painting Challenge Part I

So it has been a pretty full week for me and I have made little progress at the painting table. However, I have most of the base colors done including all of the major colors. Just have the brown for the leather bits on the wyvern, and grey for the orcs armor. I should have that done tomorrow night then I'll move on to the washes. So far so good!

Initially I was pretty stumped as to what colors to use. I mean its an Orc and Goblin army and so will be default have a lot of green in it, but I also wanted to shy away from using the colors that I have picked out to distinguish units from each other, which are red, blue and I haven't had to use it yet but I think orange. So I knew I needed to find something else and I turned to the interwebs for inspiration. A quick search on Wyverns and a brief scroll through the images and I had my colors.

I decided to go with brown-yellow underbelly and purple scales. i think these two color choices will help the model standout against the green/brown/grey of the rest of the army. He are the two pictures that inspired me.

This is the purple I am going for only slightly darker.
This is the brown-yellow that I am aiming for.

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