Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Painting Challenge Part II

So, additional progress on the painting challenge miniature. About mid-last week I had gotten all the base colors done and over the weekend I experimented with several different wash combinations. I decided the teeth, claw, metal and scales I would wash with a black to create some definition and these areas which would be finished off with some light dry brushing and proceeded to do just that. This turned out well so I turned to my second wash which would cover the flesh areas. I went with a desert yellow but when I made the first wash it was to watered down and didn't cover the base color as much as I wanted. So I made a second batch and ended up doing two coats. The end result is much closer (still not perfect though) to what I had imagined. The only down side was I continued to paint even though I was tired and ended up getting some of the desert yellow between the scales so I spent the next night cleaning that up. The final result is that I want to do one more coating of black wash on the scales and a few areas I missed on the first time around and then I can move onto the next phase the dry brushing.

Here it is in all its glory, but this made me realize one thing I really got to get my light box setup!
Slightly different angle. Been trying to think if there is something I could add to the base to make it a bit more visually interesting but so far I got nothing. Suggestions appreciated.
Oh, and some more good news. I still can't find my camera manual so I went out and downloaded a PDF version of the Canon website so I could figure out how to get into super macro mode. Both of these pics were taken with my Canon PowerShot SX10IS. So once I finish up the DIY Macro Light Box I am building I will be able to post some real pics of the Warmaster units I have been slaving over.

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