Saturday, May 28, 2011

Painting Challenge Part IV

The wyvern is done and its been a long slow journey filled with mistakes and pitfalls and even a crash but today marks the day I completed the painting challenge (my first ever). Only a single day before the deadline but I did have two things that kept me from completing it sooner, the aforementioned crash with the subsequent need to reattach the wings and playoff hockey (I'm a Bruin's fan) which usually cut into my painting time. All that said I feel quite good about my accomplishment. This Wyvern unit marks another 80 pts worth of Warmaster painted. The value of the unit will of course depend on if the wyvern carries an Orc hero (160 pts) or the general (175 pts). This puts my Orc Warmaster painted units grand total to 370 pts (not including hero types).

Here is a shot before I worked on the base itself...

I was going to put field grass on the base but with the wings on it was just to hard to get my fingers in at the right angle and its really not as easy as it looks. I plan to use it on the general on foot base and possible a few others (maybe even going back and adding some to say the trolls) but that is a tale for another day! While you wait please enjoy the pictures.

Damn wings are blocking my light!!! Well, now I know how the infantry feels when this bad boy flies over!

This is one of the few pictures that you can actually see the gum line of the wyvern is painted red!
I'm very proud of the shading on the wings.  :D
Its hard to see the detail on the base with the shadow from the wings.

"Say hello to my little friend!"
"You talkin' to me?"
Here is a shot of the base where you can at least see more of the details.

 One day I will learn to use this camera to take awe inspiring shots but in the mean while what you see is what you get! Anyway, I hope you have been enjoying following along with the painting challenge and have a great Memorial Day Weekend!

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