Friday, May 20, 2011

Bringing Orcs into the Light

"It Burnses!", so says the Orcs and Goblins as I take picture after picture. Originally I took pics of my completed Warmaster Orc units with my mobile phone camera however, now that I have completed my Light Box I thought it was time to get some better pictures. I played with the camera settings for a while finally settling on Super macro Mode, 1/60, ISO 100 with the flash enabled. The pictures are not as crisp as I would have liked but I think part of that is still my camera inexperience and the other part was that I feel I am using the wrong light. Ultimately I would like to use natural sunlight bulbs but that will have to wait. When looking at the pictures if you think you know what might be wrong, and/or you think they are awesome let me know. Here are the updated pictures. Enjoy!

A stand of Night Goblins. Still hard to see the detail on the goblins but that might just be due to the dark green on dark purple color combo that I used.

Wold Rider command stand.
Wolf Riders Charge!!!
A better closeup of the Night Goblins... at least you can see more details.
Night Goblins looking for those pesky humans to shoot.
Same unit from a slightly different angle. The original pictures I took were a bit washed out with light and it was hard to see the ground cover on the bases but you can see it here.
The grass is a bit subtle on these stands and originally you couldn't even see it on the bases, that is until I found the correct setting on my camera.
The Wolf Riders - Blue Company - 1st WAAAGH!
Another shoot of the same unit turning on the charge.
These are not your Momma's Trolls... these boys bring the thump!
Incidentally this is my favorite (and the best) basing I personally have done!
Night Goblin command stand. Notice the difference accent colors from the first unit.

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