Thursday, May 19, 2011

Macro Light Box on the Cheap-ish!

A while back I mentioned the desire to build my own Macro Light Box and even referenced a link to another blog where there was a simple how to. I have actually had this finished for over a month but was having problems getting quality pictures with my camera. I was pretty sure it was just me being a novice with my camera and once I figured out how to set my camera into Super Macro Mode it was all gravy. So today I set up the Light Box on the table , got the lights all plugged in, lovingly displayed my painted Warmaster figures and fired up the camera. For starters here is a picture of the Light Box itself.

Ah yes, cardboard and duct tape. A quality product if I may say so.
Okay, so the example I posted a link to earlier from the Strobist Blog did not use any wood in its construction but I really wanted to make something a bit more sturdy. A few pieces a scrap wood and spare work lamps later and I had this monstrosity! The lights really should be natural daylight bulbs but we make do with what we have here (Ha! That is usually so not true). So, now I have no excuses for not taking higher quality pictures, although truth be told it is a bit of a pain to setup and break down so I will probably only set it up when I have a number of things to photograph. But, here you have it. One more thing off the to do list!


  1. This is a good idea; I'll need to build one. I've been trying to take pics of my various efforts and the lighting is pretty poor in my dining room. So this could be a project for me and lil' Emma.

  2. Its such a big difference. Helps if you know how to use your camera though. :D