Sunday, June 10, 2012

To Conquer the Stars Part IV

So previously I mentioned that I purchased some of the photon torpedo markers from Amarillo Design Bureau. I'm not sure if they still sell them. Nice sculpts, not very clean however. But after painting them up I like how they look and I think they will look great on the table. I have included a few pics I have taken of them so far

These should look really great flying around the table blowing stuff up!
This is my favorite shot!
Large Photon Torpedo/Plasma Marker - Close Up
Medium Photon Torpedo/Plasma Marker - Close Up
Small Photon Torpedo/Plasma Marker - Close Up
More news on the Full Impulse (Star Trek Variant) campaign that we will be kicking off soon. I have started to adapt the Battletech Chaos Campaign rules over for use with Full Thrust. So far so good. I have nine generic tracks written out and have plans for six story arc tracks (three to a side) as well as adapted rules for ship repairs/refit/upgrades and crew advancement.

Once I get them full adapted I'll post them somewhere to make them available for other to use (and of course modify as they see fit). It is a work in progress however so I figure it will require some playtesting during our own campaign to make sure they are balanced. Looks like we are up to five players so far - Chris, Paul, Josh, Emmi and myself. I'd love to find at least one other player to balance out the sides. More news as it develops!