Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Release the Trolls!!!

So, I stayed the course last night and put the finishing touches on the trolls. This unit is worth 110 pts and puts my Warmaster running total up to 290 pts. Ugh, progress is slow but at least I got these guys done in half the time which I attribute to the wash I used for the blue fleshy bits. Really makes quick work of big areas and added shading very quickly. I have concluded this will be a valuable weapon in my war against slow painting! So a few shots of my Warmaster Trolls to appease the masses.

Hmm weak pictures this droid takes lousy pics
I guess that Macro Photography Light Box needs to move up the list
The details are all washed out in the morning light

So I guess the remainder of the week looks like this:

1. Build Light Box (inspired by The Strobist's Blog)
2. Base and paint the Warmaster units bases (9 bases altogether)
3. Pick out next Warmaster Unit and prime
4. Clean other minis that were in storage

Speaking of I took a few pics to share of the mess I have to clean up. I'm hoping that a toothbrush without to much pressure should remove the cereal bits without damaging the paint or bases. Once I get these cleaned up I will have everything unpacked except some of my books and the Battletech minis which are still in their original package, or bagged. Anyway, here are the pics...

This is my ASQL Stargate System Lord Army in 15mm. It is a duplicate of one I saw on the Alien Squad Leader Yahoo Group. The Jaffa are from GZG, the Slaves are Magister Militia Old Kingdom Egyptians and the transports are Jawa Transports from Hasbros Titanium line.
You can see the cereal residue here. :(
This box contains my ASQL Terminator Army, Several Full Thrust Fleets and several Warmaster armies.
Well at least I can be thankful that only a couple models were broken (not pictured).

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  1. I love your trolls. Do they also have blue balls?