Wednesday, March 16, 2011

My brush-fu is weak but my will is strong!

I am a notoriously slow painter. It comes from my deeply rooted desire to be perfect. It is one of the things that frustrates me about painting because well I am not a patient person and I hate to make mistakes. So this whole miniature painting this has been challenging for the ego. I know that i'm a pretty good painter as I have a steady hand but I also know I need a lot of work to get the skills I wish that I was born with. Still I won't get better without putting brush to miniature. I have painted next to nothing in my six years as a wargamer so these completed units enter into a short list of things I have painted. For your laughing pleasure I present you with...

Ralph's Very Short List of Painted Stuff

1. 10 Menoth Temple Flameguard from the game Warmachine which I no longer play. These were my first painted models and they had clean lines but I did not even yet understand the most basic concepts of painting. My first attempt at dry brushing was a disaster.

2. 14 Stands of Cyberdyne System Terminators for my Alien Squad Leader Mechanoid Army. My first venture into 15mm models. Love 'em! Getting better at painting here but my attempt to add flocking was so FAIL. Still it was a big step for me. I used a brush on ink wash to tone down the silver of the terminators. I think they turned out really nice. I currently have no pictures and they are still packed from my move but I hope to change this soon.

3. 6 Lektra Vassals for a scifi skirmish game called Rezolution. This is another game I no longer play. I liked the rules alot but the models were at times poorly sculpted compared to other scifi games. I also moved away from the group that was playing this game and could not get anyone else to try this out.

4. 4 figures for Legends of the Old West. Part of my (huge) horde of Wild West figs. Still a little improvement but I ran into problems trying to paint a black coat. Looks bad and when I get better I'd like to go back and repaint it.

5. 2 units of Warmaster Goblin Wolfriders! These two units represent 120 pts of my 1000 pt Warmaster army. I have a few pictures of these which I will post here but I hope to take some nicer ones in the next few days. So now without further ado...

... pictures!

This is the best pic in my opinion.
I hot glued the whole unit to a single strip.
It took me 17 days to paint both units (that's 24 10mm models).
See, told you I was a slow painter.
All of these were approximately 18 colors.
One base color and one (sometimes two) highlight color(s).
I know I should have used the dip method.
But, I had a lot of fun painting them which is the point I think.

 Now, I just have to base them and hope I don't ruin the nice paint job in the process. Wish me luck!


  1. Looks great Ralph! But I think if you are going to be painting 1000pts of Warmaster units, we should be able to see the running tally as you progress. Like how much was this group worth? :) Best of luck!

  2. Great to see the orc hordes building up. I will now have to up my game and catch up with you!