Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Greetings traveler of the great and all-powerful interweb!!!

Hello, my name is Ralph, and welcome to my blog. If you are here its likely your internet has abducted you, or perhaps you have stumbled upon a wormhole. Regardless of how you ended up in what will likely end up being a repository of all of my rantings I hope that you enjoy yourself. A little about me seems an appropriate place to start.

I am without a doubt one of the laziest gamers out there and like most gamers suffer what can only be termed as "Game Attention Deficit Disorder". I am easily distracted by new shiny metal men and it shows. My closet if full of unpainted lead which is not to say it has not seen the table (although some of it has never even been opened). I am overly influenced by my friends addictions as well... being constantly sucked into the "New Hotness".

I decided to change things last year. So one of my New Years Resolutions was to actually finish projects and limit the incoming shiny. Another issue I dedicated myself to resolve was the reliance on other peoples playing space and terrain. So you might be asking yourself... well how is that working out for you.

Its looking good at the beginning but that is what this blog is all about for me. I'm hoping that creating this will help keep me motivated to post new content and to do that I have to actually do things! My current projects (from a very long waiting list) include...

1. Painting 1000pts worth of Warmaster Orc & Goblins
2. Building a gaming table
3. Warmaster terrain
4. War Between the States card game (more on this later)

Currently, I have finished painting the first two units for the O&G Warmaster army and will likely finish the next two tonight. They will still need to be based but its progress. Woot! I have also, with the help of my father Kevin, gotten the table build, leveled, and ready for the construction of the foam boards. I'll post a few pics of that as well as some of my recently painted Warmaster units.


  1. Congrats! I'll get my blog on Noble Pursuit running soon as well!

  2. Welcome to New England. Hope to see you at the Time Machine down in CT, or up in NH.

  3. Thanks Carrington. I plan to get out and about to some regional conventions so maybe we will cross paths then. Thanks for the warm welcome.