Friday, March 18, 2011

Next on the table... Trolls!

Just a quick update. I have a snap shot of my next Warmaster unit for my Greenskin Horde! I have them all primed and ready for paint.

my trolls hot glued to their temporary home awaiting primer

Although I have a fairly full weekend so I will likely not get a significant amount done on these guys until next week I finally decided to use the paint scheme found in the old World of Warhammer book from Games Workshop (seen below).

The troll that inspired my color choices can be seen on page 158. Its a white belly/chest and the rest is a dark blue. I think it looks pretty clean and will help my trolls stand out from all the orcs and goblins in the horde.

I picked this book up in October of 2010 for something like $12 and I have been quite happy with it. I like history and learning about other cultures quite a bit and this has helped me in regards to the World of Warhammer. I have never played the Fantasy Battle game and so am not familiar with all the game world fluff as it were. So this was a good primer for me.

Today, My Father and I went down to Boston and attended the 32nd Annual Model Ship Builders Show. There were something like 60 model ships. It was held at the USS Constitution Museum which was an adventure unto itself. Don't worry I have plenty of pictures to share once I get them all sorted out!

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