Wednesday, May 2, 2012

To Conquer the Stars Part I

I recently made a new friend at work, Chris, who is a gamer (mostly rpg's & board games) however he has taken an interest in some of my miniature games namely Full Thrust because he is an avid fan of Star Trek. Well Chris and I were recently talking about dusting off some of these miniatures I own that I have never used and it got me digging into the closets looking for the boxes of Full Thrust miniatures that I bought about two years ago. I found all of them... which was amazing considering they were in three different places and I have moved three times in the last two years.

After taking everything out and giving them the once over I realized there was quite a bit of work to do. I have a New Israeli fleet already to go, although I would really like to repaint them or at least add some further details at some point. I have a Kra'Vak and Phalon fleet as well already assembled and I need to just pick some colors and start slapping on the paint. I think that is a good point to start because after that everything will require some assembly. However, I do have a small O.R.C. fleet, a small Pirate/Reaver fleet, a small UNSC fleet, a large FSE fleet as well as a mix of civilian/commercial ships. I think once I get done with the Kra'Vak and Phalon fleets I will put together the O.R.C. fleet as I just love the look of those ships and follow that up with the civilian/commercial ships to help vary the objectives with.

Chris has offered to help me whip some terrain together for this as well which in all actuality shouldn't take long as I already have the asteroids made they just need to be glued to bases. I have some closed cell polystyrene to make planets from as well so my table will look appropriately celestial. I even have some black fabric to use for a table cover on my 4x4 table. I'm hoping to have a game of Full Thrust going inside of a month if my schedule permits.

New Israeli Fleet

Phalon Fleet (in need of some color)

Kra'Vak  Capital Ships

The remaining Kra'Vak. I actually have another whole bag of ships to assemble.

A Pirate/Reaver Fleet
The O.R.C. Fleet which is by far my favorite looking fleet. i can't wait to get these put together.
All three fleets that can be used now. The Pirates/Reavers and the O.R.C. fleets are in the bags behind the New Israeli's. The bag in front of the Phalons are markers I will be using as their primary weapons. I think they are actually photon torpedo markers from the Amarillo Design Group. Behind the Phalons are their fighters swarms. In front of the Kra'Vak are the extra ships I still need to assemble and behind them are the heavy fighters.
A close up of the New Israeli Fleet
The Phalon Fleet close up
Lastly the intimidating Kra'Vak Fleet in your face!

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