Saturday, April 14, 2012

Malifaux Terrain Progress Part III

I finished up a few more terrain pieces over the last few days. They did not end up quite as I originally planned them for a couple reasons. First, I had initially decided to do the Magic Nexus, Dead Zone and Hazardous Terrain in different colored flocking. I even went so far as to make two of the colors I planned to use - purple and a orange/copper color. I liked them although I need to (cough, cough) "filter" the saw dust a little better. There was to many little tiny twigs in them which I can pick out but it will still be a bit of a pain. The odd thing was until I started mixing the saw dust with the color it was almost invisible to the eye.

My first batch of homemade flocking!

A lifetime supply of purple flocking. You can really see the bits of twigs mixed in.
The copper colored flock
You can see it broken up here and I look forward to when I start working on my western terrain.
So after giving it some thought I decided to cover the remaining three terrain pieces with my normal mixed flocking. They turned out really good but then of course I needed to come up with some other ideas for the pieces i had intended to make - Magic Nexus, Dead Zone and Hazardous Terrain.

I love this piece. I do think i might want to use one more highlight color along the trail.
This piece is going to look great on the table.
This was originally going to be the Magic Nexus but I like it like this a lot more.
All of the pieces together. Just imagine all of the charge lanes these block!
When I was on my hike up at Mt. Apetite I found some really nice quartz crystals and I think they would make a great accent for the Magic Nexus/Soulstone Vein terrain piece. I plan to use the purple flocking to finish that piece off as well. I have set the Hazardous Terrain (Toxic Pool) aside for now but I saw a piece another person had done that looks great and I want to replicate that at some point. You can see the piece I have in mind here. Its the fifth picture down. I also really like the Campsite and Scrap Pile they did as well. I think they look great and i hope mine turn out even half as nice. Finally I decided I want to make my dead zone a cracked desert and I have an idea of how I want to accomplish that but I talk about that more in another post.

Crystal Quartz... but I see Soulstones.
The other piece I am working on is the Ancient Monument. I have the basic pillar done and I do have a miniature I want to use for the top but I have to dig it out still. so here is the basic pillar to tide you over. My friend Josh glued this together and he used an exacto to scratch up the surface. I think it will look magnificant once its all painted up. Here is a preview.

I'm actually very excited to see how this turns out.

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  1. It sucks that I'm not able to get together and make terrain every week. :(