Sunday, May 6, 2012

To Conquer the Stars Part II

I've made some progress on the fleets this last few days. I am about half done with my Phalon fleet with all of the base coating and wash being finished. I am about halfway through the dry brushing and then I just want to go back over them and add a few small details. Engine glow mostly. Here are the picks of the Phalon fleet WIP.

Shades of blue - I thought about doing green but not only were my color choices limited but I thought they would look to much like Zentradi ships.

Close up of a Light Cruiser... I can't wait to see these boys in action!
So Chris continues to be pretty excited by the whole idea of running this as a Star Trek style fleet battle game so I did some research and found that there was a great conversion done by W. Scott Field which I think really capture the spirit of Star Trek using the Full Thrust rules called Full Trek, he also has a few other sci-fi setting conversions on his site. For those of you unaware the Full Thrust rules (all four books) are now free to download off the designers website, Ground Zero Games, there is also a link to their store where you can buy models of all the ships (and then some) found in the book.

I have also decided on a paint scheme for the Kra'Vak. I will be doing a light grey with a charcoal wash with a grey drybrush. I will be painting the rail guns and engine glow red. I also plan to add tiger striping in white. I "should" be finished with the Phalons within the next days and then I'll start cracking on Kra'vak.

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