Sunday, April 10, 2011

Taking Ground Part Two

So in my previous post (Taking Ground Part One) I covered the decisions I made about how I wanted my bases to turn out, applied the basing material and I rather impatiently let them dry overnight. It actually took me several days to build up the porridge to the coverage level I wanted. The next step which I will cover here is painting the bases.

For my colors I choose to use Cermacoat Craft Paints which are available at most craft stores for about $1.29 each. I wanted to have a base coat, mid-tone and a highlight. Here is the color list:

Base Coat - Dark Brown 02053
Mid-Tone - Autumn Brown 02055
Highlight - Trail Tan 02435

When I applied the base coat I made a wash out of it. I did this mostly because I wanted a lot of coverage and I knew the basing material was going to soak it up. I applied it liberally and was quite happy with the result. Occasionally some would wash over a small part of the models and I would just use a clean wet brush to remove the offending paint, this works pretty well if you do it quickly after it happens.

I let this first coat dry for about two hours then went back and did a heavier dry brush of the mid-tone and finished off about an hour later with a light dry brush of the highlight color. The following day I  watered down some PVA glue and applied it in random patterns over the base and dipped the whole base in some flock. I must say I am quite happy with how these turned out. All that remains to be done at this point is paint the sides of the bases and use some dull coat to protect all this hard work.

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