Thursday, April 28, 2011

Orc Warriors update

Just a quick note about my Orc Warriors so you all don't think i'm ignoring you. I have gotten the base green orc flesh color done. I consists of a dark green base (VGC 72028), sick green mid-tome highlight (VGC 72029), followed by Thraka Green citadel wash, and then a highlight of goblin green (VGC 72030). The next phase will be the brown base coat for the wood, skull and leather bits. There is a lot of area that needs to be covered and at the advice of a friend I am using a #2 brush but it is still very slow going! Once I get past the base coat the next few colors go really quick but the base coats are agonizingly slow!!! Just a couple sample pictures...

Can't really see much at this point as there is still a lot of black but they look pretty good in person!
There you can get a better idea of what they look like.

As a final note I have entered a friendly painting challenge. It was started by two of my buddies back in Portland, OR on a local gaming forum, called Roberts Guild. It starts on May 1st and ends of May 31st. We have to give weekly updates and the whole miniature right down to the flocking on the base must be completed by the deadline. There is nothing on the line (at least for me) as it is a friendly (complete with trash talking :D) competition. There were some side bets made last month about who would not complete this that or the other thing so this month I decided to throw my hat in the ring. Here is my entry which I will start on the 1st. This won't take me to long and then I will be right back to finishing my Orc Warriors, or at least that's the theory anyway.

The Orc General on Wyvern is my Roberts Guild May Paint Challenge Entry. The Malifaux figure is there only for scale purposes and will not be tackled until later.

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