Sunday, April 10, 2011

Adding the Orc Warriors to my WAAAGH!!!

Next to hit my painting table are three units of Orc Warriors. I am definitely using a green wash on these guys to speed up the painting. Incidentally, I have noticed my painting speed has increased and so am not so intimidated by the fact I will be painting 18 strips this time.

I have applied some primer to these models already in preparation to starting my brush-fu. I noticed when I was spraying the primer that it appeared watered down despite my shaking the can for well over two minutes. It did not seem to get the same coverage and looks more like a wash than anything else. My only thought was that perhaps it is getting old, or despite the amount of shaking I did it did not work or possibly it was to cold. I think it was something like in the low 30's down in the basement where I sprayed.

Luckily for me I had just picked up some Liquitex Black Colored Gesso from my local craft store. I first heard about this on Santa Clarita Wargamer. I am going to use it to finish off the priming on this new project so I can get to painting tomorrow!

Also, a very special birthday wish for my good friend Lance! Happy birthday. I wish I was there to take you to dinner and top it off with some good brews and some fast kung-fu action. I guess i'll just have to owe you one buddy!


  1. I see that I've been missing out on the Blue Mountain b'day cards for a reason. LOL. Happy belated birthday.