Thursday, January 10, 2013

Return To The Blog And More Malifaux Terrain

So haven't had a lot of miniature activity of late but a visit with my friend Paul has lit the miniature bug fire under my butt. So the first order of business is to get some terrain so I can teach some of my friends this great game Malifaux. So, I made a list of specific Malifaux terrain pieces and I'll be working on them as time allows. This entry is for the Campsite which I tried to keep simple while still making it obvious what it is. So enjoy...

I am particularly fond of how the fire pit turned out! I actually repainted it at the suggestion of my Fiancee.

Next up is my Magic Nexus/Soulstone Vein terrain piece which I am pretty excited to get together. Then I'll be working on a few hills and should be ready to work on a few models after that. I am really looking forward to working on my Red Chapel Gang!