Monday, February 27, 2012

Back in the saddle...

Well, it has been quite a while since my last post, which is ironic since in my last post I had said I was going to try to start making regular posts again. I moved from New Hampshire to Maine shortly after my last post and ever since I have been working on getting my space set up for my hobbies.

As it happens I have been working on several projects. For starters I finished the second unit of Orc Warriors for my Orc Warmaster army. I have also gotten the third unit about half finished. I have all the base colors applied and I only have to get through the highlights.

I recently decided to set aside the Warmaster project on account that there are no players in my area. However, my girlfriend and my friend Josh both have expressed interest in Malifaux which is a game I use to play when I lived in Portland. I have a bunch of figures for it most of which need to be assembled and painted... big surprise I know. So, after giving it some thought Josh and I started work on some Malifaux terrain pieces.

We started by looking at the terrain pieces used in the first rulebook and settled on several specific pieces as well as a few generic ones. Below is the list of pieces we have started.

Dead Zone
Hazardous Terrain
Magic Nexus
Mysterious Effigies x3
Ancient Monument
Boulder Piles x3

I am using old cds as the bases for these and I just started by gluing down the rocks. I then used water down glue and sprinkled sand mixture, however I realized just yesterday that I should have made my porridge mixture and applied that instead, it looks much better. I plan to mix some up on Wednesday and finish them up.

I also found a great video on youtube to making colored flocking and here is the link. I'm going to make some this week as well. Rubbishinrubbishout has some great videos and I highly recommend you take a look at what he has to offer.

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