Monday, August 29, 2011

Orc Warriors WIP

So way back in May I started work on three units of Orc Warriors, which I sort of stopped working on in order to enter (and complete) the July Painting Challenge over at the Roberts Guild. When I finished the painting challenge I was very happy with the result but so unmotivated to continue painting. Then of course I ended up moving my painting station (for several reasons) and it ended up in an area with much less light. Well as I stated in my previous post I was feeling motivated to get more painting done. I would like to finish this orc army before 2014 after all.

So with my new found motivation in hand I re-arranged my space and set up a little portable painting station. I have one of those standing reading lights that projects the light upwards, to this I added a clamp lamp with a 60w bulb in it to give me directional light, and an ott light to sit on the actual table. Between them I have enough light to paint with without killing my eyes and slopping paint willy-nilly all over my models. The result...

The portable painting station complete with current project.

So, I actually got this all set up about three days ago and have been putting my brushes to work for at least a few hours every couple days. I had decided this time around to work on one stick (ie a single unit) at a time as painting a single color over eighteen strips gets old quick. I started with the unit that had the most paint on it already and I just finished up the third big block color... the grey used as the base coat for the metals and pelts. Just finished the last strip earlier this evening. Here are a couple shots...

Hard to see in this shot but the three base colors are green (orc skin), brown (wood & leather) and grey (metal & pelts).
A bit more clear in this picture. Now to just do the last base color then its all highlights and clean up.

The final base color will be the accent color, which varies by unit, which will be red for this unit. Then I will do the highlights for the brown and grey. The green is already done on all eighteen strips actually. So with any luck I will be done within a week with this unit and moving on to the next on. Stay tuned!

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